4 Easy Ways To Increase ROI:

1. "Dynamically DCA" to lower your average buy-price

2. Increase ROI with up to several hundred percent through staking (the right way)

3. How to set up price targets to maximize risk adjusted returns

4. Increase your "Investor level"

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    Oskar Solberg

    Owner and author of solberginvest.com

    Who am I?

    I'm a Norwegian student of Mathematics with a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy.

    I have multiple years of experience as a crypto investor, and have made over 2200% returns in the last 15 months.

    My strategy is to chase long term, risk adjusted, sustainable returns through scarce assets and asymmetric investment opportunities.

    What are my goals?

    • Educate people about this amazing industry

    • Accelerate the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies

    • Make YOU a better crypto investor